New Energy

New Ideas

As the only physician in this election, Dr. Scott Bohlke is uniquely qualified to lead efforts as our Senator to expand testing and prevent the spread of COVID-19 here in District 4. He will work to ensure we have the state funding needed to keep our people safe.​

New Energy to
Support Our Students

Dr. Bohlke is a strong supporter and advocate for Georgia Southern University and will work for continued state funding for our institutions. Scott believes that families should not have to choose between paying taxes or educating their children.

He will support legislation creating income tax credits to offset tuition for college and technical schools.

New Energy to
Protect Second Amendment Rights

As a supporter of the National Rifle Association and a former Major in the U.S. Air Force, Scott will work to protect our Second Amendment rights.

New Energy to Protect Life​

Dr. Bohlke believes in the sanctity of life and will work to protect mothers and unborn babies.

New Energy to Protect Farming Families​

Under the current pandemic it is crucial to keep food supply open. Scott will work with farming families to ensure they are well equipped.

(912) 429-3775
128 Parker Ave N. Brooklet, GA 30415